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Optimal Heating and Cooling System for both Residential and Commercial Property Owners in Saskatoon, SK

Specializing in Heating and Cooling Installation, Replacement and Upgrades

ToonTown Heating & Cooling values the heating and cooling system of both residential and commercial clients in Saskatoon, SK.

Many companies keep at bay some unanswered questions on how to resolve the cooling and heating needs of clients. Well at ToonTown Heating & Cooling we provide solution to exceed your expectation as we offer replacement, upgrades and installation of both residential and commercial heating and cooling system.

ToonTown Heating & Cooling is locally owned and operated by Wes LaPointe. Our staff harps on the core values of professionalism, timeliness and accuracy. Excellent workmanship, and superior quality installation, replacement and maintenance services are among the complimentary earmarks why we have been in the business for almost 9 years now. Wes LaPointe and his staff owe everything to the loyal residential and commercial clients in Saskatoon, SK and surrounding area since many a brand in their line of manufactured products is served with competitive pricing and backed by some of the best warranties in the business.

We service various products to sustain elements such as energy efficiency, quiet operation and humidity control. Our cutting edge technology bolsters quality control and elicits head most workmanship pushed by our staff of technicians and experts that checks in utter detail the heating and cooling units of residential and commercial clients in Saskatoon, SK and the surrounding areas. As a premier and go-to heating and cooling company we therefore are proud to render such services like the replacement, upgrades and installation of the heating and cooling system of every branded product. Speaking of manufactured products, the following fall upon our service bracket:

  • Air-Conditioners (ACs)
  • Heating Systems and Furnaces
  • Electronic Air Filters
  • Humidifiers
  • Pool Heaters
  • Water Heaters
  • Sheet Metal Work
  • BBQ Outlets

Why Choose ToonTown Heating & Cooling?

When you choose our company's heating systems and installations, you don't only get quality services in Saskatoon, SK. You also get accurate quotes and competitive prices. Every time you go for our service, you get a friendly smile and prompt attention. With our technicians' years of experience in cooling and heating systems, we know that our service can match up with any other companies in Saskatoon, SK.

In addition, ToonTown has also been receiving positive reviews and feedbacks from its satisfied clients Saskatoon, SK and surrounding area. Below are more of the reasons why choose ToonTown for all your heating and cooling services:

  • Years of Experience
  • Reliable and Quality Heating & Cooling Services (Installation, Replacement , Upgrades)
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan (SK) Member
  • Highly Trained and Professional Staff
  • Qualified Natural Gas Contractor
  • Licensed and Bonded Company
  • Free Estimate
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